Birth Story Art Books

These books will always mean more than just a picture on a page to you and your child. What a beautiful memory to give your baby - documentation of how he or she came into this world and the family that loved them so very much.

These 8x8 beautiful books come with either a textured matte paper or a semi gloss photographic paper. Each with very distinct characteristics, but both archival and simply stunning. They are customized by you from page layout, to the look of both the book and the box to the little ribbon inside. It’s all you and your unique vision.

They come with up to 40 thick pages and the spreads are seamless. The lab, in Italy, only makes books and nothing else. They are dedicated to making these books last a lifetime and are known in the photographic community for their innovative printing process, that makes your images “jump” off the page.

Please take a moment to watch the short introductory video below. Remember, your book will have your unique look and vibe, capturing your very own memories of the day you became a parent.

Your Birth Story Art Book

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