Portrait photo of blonde girl by Leona Darnell

Compelling Headshots, Artistic Portraits

I have the perfect marriage of photographic loves: creative art portraits for the family and home and images for the actor and model.

Having these two genres in my life satisfies two very different components of myself. With art portraits, my mind and soul are free to create a piece that I know my client will treasure for years. Taking our time, the client for the art portrait brings in just herself, she and her children, her partner, her parents or even best friend to spend a day getting pampered by hair and makeup professionals, having snacks and beverages and take the better part of the day feeling and looking like you just walked out of the pages of Vanity Fair. After getting to know my client(s), I get to use my right brain (intuitive, thoughtful and subjective sides) to creatively show them something that they will treasure for generations.

Actor headshots and modeling images allow my left brain (logical and objective) to bloom. My son is a child actor, so I understand the importance of a dynamic headshot. Your image briefly passes across the casting directors field of vision, so making a connection, in those few seconds, determines if you get a call or not. My job does not require me to make you perfect, but it does require me to make you real, to make you stand out and demand the attention of that casting agent. If you make a connection through a photograph and make that viewer want to meet you, I have done my job. I want to play to your strengths and will never ask you to pose in a way that doesn't feel natural. I want your pictures to be the person that walks in to the room, just polished and refined.